Our Foundation - Values

Christ before Career: We have absolute trust and faith in the Word of God, and we are committed to honor Christ by obeying everything that He commands us to do, and living humbly and sacrificially.

Character before Ministry: We are committed to develop Christ-like leaders through various innovative missional programs so that people will see Christ and want to follow Him for doing His will.

Unity before Growth: We are committed to being truly evangelical, inter-denominational and multi-cultural.

People before Program: We are committed to build people on the basis of their specific call and gifts in order to develop various ministries to meet the needs of people in the community. Disciple making is the number one priority of RIMI churches (Trinity Church).

Ownership before Organization: We are committed to establish autonomous and self-supporting churches and church-based projects. This is ownership, and we avoid long-term dependency of the national church.

Unreached before Reached: We are committed to reach all people with the help of indigenous leadership.

Integrity before Popularity: We are committed to practice absolute integrity and accountability.

Guiding Principles for Stronger Partnership

RELATIONAL: A meaningful and mutual relationship is vital in developing a strong partnership.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Effective systems must be in place to insure the integrity of the ministry, especially in the area of financial management.

INDIGENOUS:Locals take ownership and do the ministry within their context and without compromising the message of Christ.

SUSTAINABLE: Effective systems should be in place for local ownership and impact so that the ministry can eventually be run and funded by the locals.

EQUITABLE: Empowerment without creating dependency or jealousy among the nationals.

FOCUSED: Strategic efforts for transforming communities.

HOLISTIC: Meeting all of the needs: physical, emotional and spiritual.