Our Foundation - Values

Christ before Career: We are committed to honor Christ by obeying his commands, living humbly and sacrificially.

Integrity before Popularity: Practicing absolute integrity and accountability to exalt Jesus Christ among all people.

Character before Ministry: We are committed to pursue Christ-likeness in a watching and waiting society.

Unity before Growth: We are committed to believe in unity on essential doctrines, diversity on non-essential doctrines, and charity in all.

People before Program: We are committed to make disciples and this is the main purpose of everything we do.

Ownership before Organization: Establishing autonomous self-supporting churches and church-based projects that avoid long-term financial dependency.

Unreached before Reached: Strategically reaching the unreached people, region by region with the help of local trained leadership.

Guiding Principles for Stronger Partnership

RELATIONAL: A meaningful and mutual relationship is vital in developing a strong partnership.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Effective systems must be in place to insure the integrity of the ministry, especially in the area of financial management.

INDIGENOUS:Locals take ownership and do the ministry within their context and without compromising the message of Christ.

SUSTAINABLE: Effective systems should be in place for local ownership and impact so that the ministry can eventually be run and funded by the locals.

EQUITABLE: There must be empowerment without creating dependency or jealousy among the nationals.

FOCUSED: We create strategic efforts for transforming communities.

HOLISTIC: We desire to meet all of the needs—physical, emotional, and spiritual-of the people we help.