Transformational Leadership - NEW!

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In our rapidly changing and ever complex world of many maladies like poverty, oppression, corruption, and injustice we need ourageous transformational leaders to see a Christ-centered societal transformation. Saji Lukos believes the biblical truths must impact all aspects of our society holistically. He is passionate to see spiritual, economical, educational, and political transformation of the society. Thus, he is challenging all Christians and leaders to engage in community transformation holistically as exemplified by Jesus Christ, the greatest transformational leader. Lukos’ life mission is to raise up 100,000 transformational leaders characterized by love, compassion, mercy, and courage to impact South Asia and beyond.

If you are a Pastor, Missionary, Social Worker, Executive, Professional, or a Seminary Student, you will benefit from the principles lived by a man who is committed to see societal transformation of his home land and beyond.

In his new book, Transformational Leadership, Dr. Saji Lukos has provided a much-needed contribution to transformational leadership in the Indian context. Beginning with the leader’s own need for transformation, the role of God as transformational ruler and concluding with a powerful section on the need for biblically based social transformation, Lukos provides a thorough, scholarly, and biblically based framework for developing transformational leaders for India and beyond. I believe this book has the potential to develop leaders who God will use to radically transform Indian culture and society.

Sam Rima, D.Min., Ph.D. Lead Pastor, North Seattle Alliance Church, WA Adjunct professor at Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota Author of Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership and Leading from the Inside Out