Our Vision

To glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ to help transform India, South Asia, and beyond.

Our Mission

Reaching all with the good news and developing Christlike leaders to change lives and transform communities.


Join in our God-sized dream

  • Equip 100,000 Christ-like Leaders
  • Establish 20,000 Disciple-making Prayer Groups
  • Care for 10,000 Needy Children
  • Transform 100,000 Communities

Story of the Week

There are still thousands of villages that need to be transformed with godly values.  Many of them are so far away from the main cities that it takes hours upon hours of walking to reach them.  By foot, most of our staff can reach only 2-3 villages per week in addition to caring for their own faith communities.  A motorbike enables them to reach 2-3 villages in one day.  This is especially useful for our area coordinators who have 5-10 people working under their mentorship. With a motorbike, they can visit each staff member working with them at least once a month to encourage them and to offer advice on being effective as possible. This is in addition to caring for their own faith community.   

We are planning to provide 20 motorbikes this year to our field staff. A good quality motorbike is only $1500 in India. Therefore, we need $30,000 to meet this need.  Would you considering giving a special gift today to help these precious field staff reach their own people with the God’s love?  You can use the donate button below.  Also, please continue to pray for our staff to boldly proclaim the Christ’s love. Together, we are advancing God’s kingdom in Asia!

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