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Each year our goal is to send at least 100 of our training center graduates to the field. They will impact communities for Christ by establishing house prayer groups, educating children, empowering women, helping farmers, providing clean water, and developing young leaders.


Dr. Saji Lukos is an author, speaker, and founding President of Reaching Indians Ministries International (RIMI) based in Lindenhurst, IL and Mission India and Mission India Theological Seminary (MITS) based in Nagpur, Central India.


1.Equip 100,000 Christ-like Leaders

2.Establish 20,000 Disciple-making Prayer Groups

3.Care for 10,000 Needy Children

4.Transform 100,000 Communities

Make a Difference. Transform lives.

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Our deep-seated devotion is to be influential and impactful in transforming India, South Asia and around the world, in compliance to the Great Commission.

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Sharing and Saving

RIMI’s mission is to help in nation-building through transformational community development programs in South Asia and around the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, especially the poor and marginalized. RIMI does this by engaging in holistic ministry, not just sharing the Gospel message, but helping transform society.

Educating and Equipping

There is a great lack of well-trained Christ-like leaders in South Asia. Thus, RIMI is involved in educating and equipping young men and women so that they can be used actively and effectively in local, holistic ministry. Most will go through a one-year training program in a local Bible College which includes 9 months of classroom training and 3 months of in the field training. RIMI also offers B.Th., M.Th., and M.Div. programs at the Nagpur seminary. The goal every year is to send out at least 100 training center graduates to the field.

Compassionate and Caring

RIMI desires to be compassionate and caring to the poor and marginalized people. Part of the programs that RIMI engages in to do this are establishing house prayer groups, educating children, establishing village English medium schools, empowering women, helping farmers, providing clean water, and developing young leaders. RIMI is involved in improving health awareness through various medical training seminars and a 30-bed hospital with in-patient and out-patient services in Nagpur running 24/7. RIMI offers basic nursing training at the hospital. RIMI also provides small loans to help people start sustainable businesses and vocational training for poor and marginalized people.


To glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ to help transform India, South Asia, and beyond.


Reaching all with the good news and developing Christlike leaders to change lives and transform communities.

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