Visit Asia

RIMI invites you to invest your talents and skills for frontline missions in South Asia. Join with RIMI to serve destitute children and equip hundreds of men and women for frontline missions.  Your talents, skills and commitment to serve through short term missions, will help bring thousands to Jesus Christ. Make a difference and be a part of the partnership of God’s people around the globe.  RIMI is impacting thousands of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The mission of RIMI is to expand Christ’s Kingdom through evangelism and church planting, which is further advanced by leadership development and compassion services.

Make a difference for children living in abject poverty in Asia.  Equip nationals for God’s mission by teaching and preaching the Word.  We’re looking for people like you who want to live out their calling through their career skills.  We sincerely believe that your calling is God-given.

Why not join hundreds of Christ-followers in frontline missions as your career choice?

Whether you’re just entering the work force or have great technical, ministry or management experience — we are looking for your talent in many specialty areas, such as:

  • Help children in the RIMI orphanages
  • Equip nationals by teaching and preaching
  • Medical Camps and Health Care in the clinics
  • Train Bible students in God’s Word
  • Help in campus construction, village evangelism
  • Take pictures and write stories for the ministry
  • Assist and office administration

All people traveling will need a valid Passport and VISA. Please apply for your Passport and Visa at least two months prior to your trip. Tickets will not be booked until you have received both.

You will need a certified copy of your birth certificate for both the Passport and VISA applications.

US Citizen Passport Application

You can apply online for a passport at the US Department of State website. This is the correct site for US Citizens to obtain a passport whether renewing or for the first time. The passport forms on the Embassy of India web site are only for India Citizens.

VISA Application

All India VISA processing is being processed through Cox and Kings Global Service.

You must apply online with them at  Please contact us for the information needed to complete the application.

Applications must be submitted to the proper location for your state. The current list is located at:

On Arrival Visa

Note:  Not all ports allow for On-Arrival Visas.  Please check the application page carefully before applying to make sure your port allows for an On-Arrival Visa.  Current list: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum and Varanasi.

In addition to the traditional Visa application where you must file ahead of time and wait for the Visa to be mailed, there is an option for an on-arrival Visa. You still apply ahead of time (at least 4 days but not more than 30 days) and you will need your actual travel dates. However, rather than having the Visa mailed to you, you receive it upon entry to the country. For more information, visti


A standard two-week trip is $3200. This covers airfare to/from the US, food, lodging, and transportation in India. Custom itineraries may be developed by working with our travel coordinator. Please contact us for more information.

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