“I’m gratified by the impact RIMI is having in India! With a vision born of faith and a burden to share the Gospel, this organization is proving that things can be different: if we meet the physical needs of people in India and share the Gospel, we will witness its power in their lives. We can support RIMI with confidence, knowing that together we can make a difference in that needy country of [over] one billion people.”

— Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
Senior Pastor, The Moody Church
Chicago, IL

“Reaching Indians Ministries International has been accredited by ECFA since September 23, 2002. We appreciate the integrity of Rev. Saji K. Lukos and appreciate his compelling vision to share Jesus Christ with the unreached in South Asia.”

— Dan Busby
President, ECFA

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“Southwood is committed to supporting developmental ministries whether in Huntsville, AL or around the world. Our desire is to see Biblically trained, indigenous leaders raised up and supported in sustainable ways. We seek to partner with ministries who believe poverty alleviation is an important, though not exclusive, ministry of the local church and whose poverty alleviation efforts are coupled with the preaching of the Gospel. RIMI is one such ministry with whom we are thrilled to partner!! Their commitment to church planting is strongly supported through their leadership development and poverty alleviation efforts - demonstrating a truly biblical understanding of the church’s role to reflect the character of her bridegroom!”

— Sarah Niemitz
Community Development Director
Southwood Presbyterian Church, AL

“The center of God’s gospel mission today is multiplying healthy churches among all people that make disciples of Jesus Christ. Saji Lukos and RIMI have this focus in India and the fruit is inspiring. If you want to work in India with a solid team led by this TEDS graduate, I recommend this mission to you. ”

— Dr. Rick Thompson
Great Lakes District Superintendent

“RIMI is a Bible-based, vision-led, missionary movement aimed at transforming India through church planting, leadership development and compassionate outreach through schools, orphanages and hospitals. RIMI is committed to the equipping of “Next Generation” pastors, church leaders and theologians. ”

— Dr. John Strubhar
Lead Pastor, Maywood Evangelical Free Church


“I believe that the new Master’s in Transformational Leadership degree program at MITS has the potential to bring significant transformation to student’s lives that will result in significant social innovations in Indian communities and beyond. Drawing on recent research and methodology, and rooted in sound biblical theology, this program will equip social change agents who will be able to better live out the gospel and bring the Good News to the poor and marginalized people of India. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about making a difference in their community or society in Jesus name.”

— Samuel D. Rima, DMin, PhD, author of “Spiritual Capital: A Moral Core for Social and Economic Justice” and “Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership” Adjunct Professor, Bethel University/Seminary and Executive Pastor, Tenth Church, Vancouver, Canada

"Christian outreach to the entire nation of India.”

— Pastor Kerry Bauman, Senior Pastor, Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church, Lake Villa, IL



“Recently I had the privilege of being a part of the Mission India Family Conference in Nagpur, India. This is an annual event in which pastors, evangelists, and church planters throughout India who are affiliated with Mission India come together for a week of reporting, fellowship, study, and worship. It is a time of encouragement and refreshment for those who serve throughout the country as leaders in the work of the Kingdom. There were many blessings for me as I experienced over 1500 servants of the Lord coming together from all over India, but I was particularly impressed with the scope of the work that is being done throughout India.

The campus facility of the seminary in Nagpur is impressive in and of itself. It is a place where excellent training for pastors and church leaders is taking place, and many are being trained and sent out in service from this campus.

Also, it is truly a nation-wide work that is taking place. The work of evangelism, church planting, and leadership training is taking place literally all over India, as well as the ministry of Mercy Homes for the care of children. The scope of the work is impressive, as is the quality of the organization of this work and the commitment of the individuals involved. The Gospel is spreading throughout India in multiplicative fashion through the work of RIMI and Mission India."

— Jimmy Aycock, AL

“We came to visit the campus in February 2010 to teach a course on marriage and family as well as single life. We hosted with you a Romantic Dinner for staff. We were impressed with the spiritual heart of the staff and students, the development of the campus facilities and the wonderful way we were hosted. We found the students hungry to learn and the staff as well desired to benefit from our visit.

The school says it wants to develop Christ like servant leaders and we saw this in the heart of the people at MITS. It has been a gift to us to be here and it is our hope that the [students and staff] will be blessed as a result.

We commend the potential donors and past donors for this worthy investment in the future leaders of the Church in India. May God bless this institution and we thank you for the opportunity to be here.”

— Howard and Aileen Ostendorff, Formerly with FamilyLife



“RIMI is a passionate, visionary response to the heartbeat of Jesus. Saji Lukos understands what it is to be moved with compassion over sheep without a shepherd. This ministry is led by men of integrity and it is committed to excellence in all things.”

— Dr. Danny Sinquefield, Pastor, Faith Baptist Church Bartlett, TN President, Tennessee Baptist Convention (2009)

“Kathy and I have had the privilege of traveling throughout India and ministering with Saji and members of the Mission India team. We observe firsthand their strong commitment to sharing the Gospel, church planting, discipling and reaching out to the poor and hurting. I’m convinced that an investment in the ministry of RIMI will pay spiritual dividends for eternity.”

— Don Hawkins, D. Min. President, Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, Alabama



“The mission of RIMI and the heart of Saji Lukos are perfectly aligned for the Great Commission. It has been an honor and a privelege to have been asked to visit the Mission India Theological Seminary and interact with the future leaders of a changing nation.”

— Krish Dhanam, President Mala Ministries Co-Founder Krish Dhanam Training International

“Saji Lukos was transformed from spiritual ignorance and darkness to the divine knowledge and light. He has not forgotten his past, but humbly surrendered his life and works hard every day to fulfill the vision that he has received from the Lord.
When I met Saji in 1979 and led him to Christ, I did not know that the Lord had a unique call in his life to lead a worldwide ministry with great influence. He is not only a man of integrity, but an apostle of Christ who is raising up Christ-like leaders with bold vision and determination. I know every family member of both Saji and Mony and they are serving God with great fervor and passion. I commend Saji Lukos and the ministry of Reaching Indians Ministry International for your regular prayer and partnership.”

— Rev. John Ninan, Word Ministries of India, Kerala (Saji’s first Pastor who brought him to the saving knowledge of Christ)

“…I do have great respect for the ministry of RIMI…I see the [annual] banquet as an opportunity not only to assist the work of RIMI, but also to help challenge and mobilize God’s people here in the US toward partnering with what God is doing in India.”

— Dr. David Bennett, Coordinator, India Leadership Development Study Formerly Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Boston

“Millions in India need to be reached by the Gospel. Rev. Lukos and RIMI have a clear and larger vision to accomplish the task. I commend him personally and his venture for Christ. [They] are changing the spiritual landscape of India, through God’s plan and direction. God continues to bless this ministry in all ways.”

— Dr. Kenneth M. Meyer, Former President and Chancellor, Trinity International University

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“Today’s missions strategies are different from even a few years ago. Saji’s desire to recruit, train, and send local Christians as missionaries is easily the dominant means of ministering in India and to Indians today.”

— Dr. Ramesh Richard, President of Reach International and Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

“RIMI provides innovation and relevant means of evangelism and church planting for the emerging generation of new missionaries from India and abroad.”

— Dr. T.V. Thomas


“RIMI has a ministry which will have long term effects in India for many to follow Christ. I am grateful to Saji Lukos for his efforts to keep focus on India for prayers and for Indians to follow Christ.”

— Dr. K. Rajendran, Former General Secretary of India Missions Association, India

“If there is any chance you could have him speak in your church or district, you will never regret it. Saji’s amazing testimony of salvation and persecution as an Indian who came to Jesus will melt your heart and refresh your soul.”

— Pastor Richard Carlson, Pastor of Rock Springs Free Church, WY


“Saji Lukos is a great man of faith. His unwavering trust in our Great God, and his passionate obedience to Him, has given rise to the growing gospel ministry of RIMI, which is fast becoming a leading and powerful voice for God to each and every state of India.”

— Bob Schill, Experienced Architect, Chairman of Missionary Tech, Longview, TX

“In these days a great movement of the Holy Spirit is bringing revelation of the Gospel of Jesus to millions of peoples in India. RIMI-Mission India is an effective organization that trains men and women as ministers of the Kingdom of God, in order to bring truth, discipleship, and compassion to the diverse peoples of India.”

— Dr. Tom Dooley Ph.D., Scientist-Entrepreneur, AL


“Our congregation so appreciates Saji Lukos and RIMI for the vision they give us of the world. RIMI shows us that the work of the gospel is far from being done and yet at the same time that the work is being done. Men and women and children are being delivered from the darkness to the light in India. Our people are seeing that if God can bring new life there, He can do the same here in Fremont, Nebraska.”

— Pastor Rob Spykstra, Former Pastor of Fremont Evangelical Free Church, Fremont, NE

“I had the privilege of being Saji Lukos’s pastor for several years. I have never met a man more focused on God’s call. He is a man of prayer and a man of passion. He has a clear vision of effective ministry to his own countrymen and has incorporated that vision into the organization of RIMI and Mission India.

— Jerry Foote, Former Pastor of Muscatine Free Church



“RIMI is an impressive organization! First, Saji Lukos has put together a realistic stategy to reach India for Christ, as well as, assembling an empassioned leadership team to carry it out. Second, RIMI has a stream-lined organizational chart that allows every dollar contributed to be used with a maximum benefit—in fact, I don’t know of another organization that uses its resources more effectively than RIMI!”

— Rev. Bob Boerner, Jr. Director of Young Business Leaders, North Alabama

“I am pleased to commend and support RIMI, under the leadership of Saji Lukos, as a ministry making an eternal difference in the spiritually challenging country of India.”

— Dr. Hutz Hertzberg, Executive Director at The Orchard Network, IL



“RIMI is one of the most effective ministries that we have seen any where in the world. God’s hand is on Saji Lukos. He has assembled a great team all throughout India. Take a few moments, browse the website and you will see that this ministry has become a Major Force for Christ in India. The heart of the ministry is Church Planting, but RIMI is meeting so many other needs in India. 1/6 of [the] globe lives in India and RIMI has plans to reach them all. If you get involved in this ministry you are going to be blessed!”

— Tom Doyle JoAnn Doyle, Partners Middle East Director, Partners Women’s Ministry