Special Prayer Appeal

Dear RIMI Board and friends, 

Greetings! Hope you are doing well. Thinking of you every day and praying for God’s wisdom/ blessings on all of us. Dick Reed has spent four days here at the office since Monday. Leaving today for home and then to attend his granddaughter’s graduation at St. Catherine.  Finally I was able to rest a little bit and work for few days here at the office though my lower back is hurting very badly. Yesterday I was with my Urologist and I think my prostate infection is getting better. I will find out today the PSA test result. Mine is always high due to an enlarged prostate. Mony is doing well. Maryann today is heading to Dallas for her friend’s bridal shower.

Reuben has suggested that as a board, we should fast and pray for a month for the various challenges that we face in India from those who are against the the work of Christ. Mission India has also declared nationally a day of prayer for peace and God’s intervention. Let us stop every day 5-10 minutes to pray for India-MI staff and missionary and all the programs.

MI name is in the news due to the recent issues with children in India. The media accuses that the children were taken to MI for a religious conversion (total lie), thus inspiring further the fanatics.  It was a VBS program planned by another organization and rented our facility. Thus few Christians workers are locked up now in Madhya Pradesh on the basis of taking minors for religious conversion. They are not our workers directly.

CBI (Like FBI) went to our office in Himachal Pradesh and questioned our leader regarding the operations and salary, etc. Police came to the MITS campus for inquiry few days before. Shibu was able to answer with the help of our local attorney.

On this coming Thursday I will be heading to Bozeman, MT, to speak at a RIMI gathering and preach at Dry Creek Bible Church. On July 7th, Mony and I will be leaving for a road trip to many cities-Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, NJ, NY city, Boston, CT, Boston, Portland (Maine), Springfield, VA, back home on June 26. On July 4th will be heading to India with Pastor Jeff Whitt for three weeks.

I am sending a special invite to all of you for the upcoming RIMI Partners Retreat in Lake Geneva from July 28-30. I want you to invite 2-3 couples from your network to attend the PR.  Yesterday as a team here,  we prayerfully discussed the various matters related to PR and put together a good program to accomplish the purpose of the PR. Our theme is: “Celebrating the Power of Partnership.” (Philippians 1:5). Dr. Jerry Foote will be one of the speakers at the Retreat. Laure Kiemle is the coordinator of PR and she can be reached at lkiemle@rimi.org

Thank you for your love, daily prayers, sacrifice, and strategic partnership to fulfill the Great Commission. Together we dream Big for His glory!

Your brother Saji Lukos


Welcome to my new blog page on the RIMI website.  I plan to post various field stories and other information about the ministry here.