What Is A RIMI Ambassador?

A RIMI Ambassador is a volunteer who represents and promotes RIMI’s vision and mission to their circle of influence. Ambassadors are often active in:

  • developing a network of prospective and active partners (Ambassadors),
  • help to distribute RIMI information,
  • raise funds for the ministry,
  • possibly visit India (and/or encourage others to visit),
  • organizing, or helping to organize a RIMI focused event.

How Do I Get Started Or Get More Information?

To apply as an Ambassador or to request additional information about the program, please contact the office at 847-265-0630.

RIMI Contact Information:

Home Office

1949 Old Elm Road                Phone: (847) 265-0630

Lindenhurst, IL 60046            Email:

Download the full Ambassador Introduction Packet Here